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In discussing mind set we must take a page out of the handbook or code of samurai warriors known as "Bushido" which is to abolish all fear of death or injury when executing your art, or your enemy for that matter. Remember, anybody who is trying to take control of you or any vehicle for his or her own terrorist purposes has probably already come to terms with the fact they are going to perish and take you with them.

When you move into combat you must not have thoughts of fear or failure, and in addition you should not even look at your opponent as a person. Once he has taken aggressive action he ceases to become a person and has become nothing but a target upon which you will apply your technique or art. Not only is he a target but his body is a series of targets. Your body or parts of it then become various weapons with which to inflict death or permanent disability.

Not only does your body become a weapon, but any number of things around you can become weapons as well. It is surprising what damage can be inflicted with things like sharp pencils, the edge of a credit card, hot coffee etc. Can you think of any thing else that can be used? I think at this point that it would be wise to mention that any collaboration you can have with others in your party on some kind of signal for unified action would be a wise thing.

Remember the important thing is to take decisive and immediate action and not become frozen with fear.

At this point I think it would be a good idea to move on to the other lessons in a systematic order. Although this a basic course, it has plenty of ideas, points and techniques to get you moving in the direction of full warrior status. Click on next below to continue.