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Edged Weapons & Firearms

Note: All owners, of any lethal weapon should recieve proper training in their use.


Even a small-blade knife can be devastatingly effective at close quarters, especially if you have some training. The advantage to edged weapons includes, low cost and availability. Knives are also available in smaller, and generally lighter packages than are most impact weapons and are easier to carry and conceal. Even a small person can be lethal with a knife. Another advantage is that edged weapons can slice the muscles, tendons and vascular system of your assailant. This will render what ever part you cut useless as knife wounds can be physically disabling. Some of my favorites are pictured below.

"Cold steels" 4 inch tanto

& 6 inch serrated tanto


This is generally the most effective choice you can make in a self defense tool. The firearm is capable of reaching out at a distance and striking your assailant hard enough to disable or kill him. Firearms cause destruction shock and blood loss in order to physically stop an assault. The primary advantages of fireams for self defense include effectiveness and range. When used properly, they are the most effective way to stop an attack. You don't have to get close to your assailant. In many cases, simply presenting the firearm will stymie the attack. But don't count on it. Below are again some of my favorites.

Berreta model 92 small caliber 22/very concealable.

My favorite, Ruger's SP101 38 caliber revolver /stainless steel (no rust)